In response to your query regarding sending a tax invoice, when someone registers for your event, they will receive an Order Confirmation Email - this can be adjusted such that it acts as a Tax Invoice. The process of providing a registrant with a tax invoice is as follows: 1. Login to your event 2. Select the 'Orders' tab 3. To the right of this page: select 'Add Filters' 4. In the empty dropdown that appears, select the dropdown arrows 5. From the selection that appears, select 'Order email' 6. Select 'is' 7. Type in the order email in the empty field below 'is' 8. Select 'Apply' 9. The orders fitting the criteria will now appear to the left of the page, select 'View' 10. Scroll to the bottom of the order and select 'Download Order Email' hyperlink (in blue) 11. Once this appears on your web browser (if it downloads as a file, open the file), select 'File' on the top left of the webpage 12. Select 'Print' and save as a PDF, or 13. Select 'Save as' and save it as a pdf. 14. Email the saved file to your client.